LX700P-2 Tilting-mould Thermoforming machinery

LX700P-2 Tilting-mould Thermoforming machinery
Name: LX700P-2 Tilting-mould Thermoforming machinery
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LX Plastic Machinery Limited is one of the leading China lx700p-2 tilting-mould thermoforming machinery manufacturers, with professional factory. We are able to provide you cheap tilting machinery, tilting machines, tilting equipments, Tilting thermoformer, Tilting thermo former, Tilting thermoforming line, Tilting thermoforming system, Tilting cup forming machine with good quality, welcome to wholesale products from us.


LX700 tilting thermoforming machinery produces plastic disposable cups, containers , lids, and trays etc completely automatically with forming, cutting, stacking ,counting,deliverying ,packing in one operation cycle by taking advantage of Tilting Movement of the Forming table, destacking from mould.


Servo Plug assist minimizing energy use on press and improve quality of items
Precise  Servo index accuracy system, minimizing plastic scrap

Reliable Germany 4 Cam System, driven by Frequency inverter saving energy
 Touch screen and programmable PLC control
Retractable, independently operated upper and lower ovens  and oven can move forwards and backwards .
individual controlled temperature zones ensures precise temperature accuracy and easy operation
Accessing to all digitalized functions by pressing touch screen 
Completely automatic stacking , counting and conveying system
Cam-controlled drive technology ensures 100% precise repetition of each cycle
Highly stressed parts are of very robust design ,with lower table and frames made of casting.
Little maintenance effort required and long intervals between maintenances
Most of Components are from multi-national suppliers assures a reliability and worldwide compatibility

In-line packing (bagging) unit available

In-line grinding unit available

Pre-heating unit available

Traveling crane for mould change avaiable

If you have any enquiry about quotation or cooperation, please feel free to email us atsales@lxplastic.comor use the following enquiry form. Our sales representative will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for your interest in our products.
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